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RefectoCilis the worldwide leader in professional Lash & Brow Styling products. Developed and manufactured in Austria since the 1930’s, RefectoCil is the most trusted brand in Lash & Brow styling. Built on history, experience, and knowledge, it has one of the most comprehensive range in Lash & Brow Styling:

  ● 8 colours of Lash & Brow Tints + 1 brow bleaching paste
  ● 3 colours of Lash & Brow Tints made from 100% plant-based ingredients
  ● Lash Lift Kit
  ● Lash Curl Kit (Perm)
  ● Brow Lamination Kit
  ● Lash & Brow Booster
  ● After Care products
  ● All necessary accessories & refill products

The brand has built a strong community of “Browistas” worldwide, beauty professionals who share their interest, results and tips for Lashes & Brow services using RefectoCil.