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Fourteen years young... We are a company with a passion for superior products and world class customer service!  Established in March 2007, PremierLash is a leading provider of lash extension supplies & home spa products to salons and consumers across the globe.  We believe in the transformative power of inner and outer beauty. 

We offer depth and breath of products to elevate any lash extension service.  Specializing in individual lash extensions (Classic, Volume & Mega Volume Lashes). 

We hope to elevate the lash industry by engaging, educating and inspiring stylists and consumers everywhere. 


We believe in the power of beauty to delight, empower & inspire. We aim to ensure complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients by manufacturing high-performance cosmetic products, through innovation, and social responsibility. Develop maximum returns for our shareholders, empower employee's, cultivate strategic partnerships and offer our customers a competitive edge.  All products are tested and approved in laboratories and technical centers by our multidisciplinary team.  Our mission is to offer our customers the best of beauty because everyone deserves perfect lashes! 



As a leading professional brand marketed in the US and abroad, our vision is the creation of professional products that empower every lash customer, stylist and salon in the transformative power of inner and outer beauty.

We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and your business, to make something beautiful together. 

~Team Premierlash Canada